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Personalized Exercise Program

What is a personalized exercise program?

Your physiotherapist will develop an exercise program specifically for YOU, with your unique needs in mind. An individually designed exercise program is a fundamental component of physiotherapy. This makes sense because the ultimate goal of a therapeutic exercise program is the achievement of an optimal level of symptom-free movement during basic to complex physical activities.

What are the different types of therapeutic exercises?

  • Aerobic conditioning and reconditioning
  • Muscle performance exercises: strength, power, endurance
  • Stretching techniques: muscle and joint (capsular or ligamentous)
  • Neuromuscular control, inhibition, facilitation techniques
  • Postural awareness training
  • Stabilization exercises: i.e. shoulder, spine
  • Balance exercises and agility training
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • Task-specific functional training

What about exercises that I found on the internet for my injury?

Well you are free to try them; however, we cannot guarantee that they will be:

  • Patient specific
  • Tissue specific
  • Appropriate for the stage of healing
  • Dosage and parameters may be unsuitable
  • Done using the proper technique or safely executed

Why should I do the exercises that my physio prescribed for me?

Physiotherapists are well positioned to prescribe exercises to clients with different conditions because we:

  • Are trained in a multi-system approach
  • Appreciate the underlying pathology
  • Have a client-centered focus

We know how your body works. Let us help you get the results you want and the care you deserve.